Kataragama Pada Yatra in Yala 2015

Pāda Yātrā: Foot Pilgrimage from Jaffna to Kataragama

Pada Yatra 2005 at Sambalteevu near Trincomalee
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Route of the traditional two-month Pāda Yātrā from Jaffna to Kataragama. Click on map to view at full size.

The traditional two month long Pāda Yātrā or foot pilgrimage from Jaffna to Kataragama annually in May-June-July is neither a peace march nor a political rally, but a traditional procession of village devotees who represent the rural voice of Sri Lanka.

The Pāda Yātrā tradition is an essential part of Lanka's multi-cultural ethos. The Yātrā begins with pilgrims moving from one sacred site to another, with their numbers growing as the Yātrā progresses. Over 30,000 pilgrims walked the final leg through Yala National Park in 2004.


The Kataragama Pāda Yātrā does not endorse or encourage individuals or companies who market tours using the name, texts, or images on this web site for personal or corporate gain, whether on Facebook or elsewhere. Sincere pilgrims are urged to walk in the company of genuine veteran pilgrims who will not ask or offer any special services for hire.

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