Kataragama Pada Yatra in Yala 2015
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Pada Yatra guidelines
Kataragama Pada Yatra

  1. Pada Yatra is performed in response to a call from the heart. Unless you are called, don't come.
  2. Pada Yatra is not a family affair. Walk if you are called, but leave family behind.
  3. Keep your vows few and simple, but keep them.
  4. Walk alone, or walk with a nade or kuttam (party of other pilgrims), but obtain permission before joining one.
  5. Foot pilgrims wear traditional dress only: vettis and shawl for men, saris for women. Trousers are unacceptable for men or boys. Slippers may be worn if you cannot go barefoot, but shoes are NOT acceptable.
  6. Do not announce your destination or starting time. Upsets may occur.
  7. Learn from elders and experienced pilgrims who know more than you know.
  8. Pada Yatra is not a race. To learn and enjoy the yatra, walk with the elders and observe them.
  9. Consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited. If you drink, you will be expelled.
  10. Increase the faith all around for self and others, or else remain at home.
  11. Sleep out of doors at night or in temples, but not in private homes. Taste the homeless life fully and enjoy it while you can.
  12. Accept whatever comes. Blessings may appear in disguise.
  13. Share whatever comes; accept the alms, friendship and wisdom of others.
  14. Do not unload your personal grievances upon others while en route. Deliver all complaints to Kataragama and register them there personally.
  15. Trust in the Spirit and make it your constant guide. Beware of imitations.
What to bring with you: What not to bring:
Enough money to meet your own expenses Your family and family problems
Camera & film No motor vehicles, radios or cassettes
Water bottle, cup and bowl No alcohol permitted
White or colored vetti, shawl No soaps or shampoos
Prescription medicines No pets
Sleeping sheet No polythene bags or glass bottles

While in national parks:

  1. Extinguish all cooking fires before departure including other unextinguished fires.
  2. Do not smoke while walking. Do not throw away burning cigarettes or beedis.
  3. Disturb the wild animals at your own risk. This is their home, not yours.
  4. Do not deface trees, rocks or scenic places or discard trash, polythene bags, etc. on your way.
  5. Use water sparingly. Thousands of pilgrims come behind you and they too need clean water.

Sponsored by the Kataragama Devotees Trust and the Living Heritage Trust and facilitated by:

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