Kataragama Pada Yatra in Yala 2015

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Kataragama Pada Yatra 2002: Day 1-10 itinerary

The traditional Kataragama Pada Yatra foot pilgrims will assemble at Vattappalai Kannaki Amman Kovil on Vaikasi Visakam (26 May). On the following morning the devotees will make their vows and start walking. The dates and places from Vattappalai up to Trincomalee are as follows:

Day Date Place Site Miles
0. May 26 Vattappalai (Mullaitivu) Kannaki Amman Kovil 0
1. 27 (am) Tanir Uttu Siddhi Vinayagar Kovil 2
1. 27 (pm) Kanukerny Siddhi Vinayagar Kovil 1
2. 28 (am) Kumulamunai Siddhi Vinayagar Kovil 6
3. 29 (am) Chemmalai Siddhi Vinayagar Kovil 4
4. 30 (am) Kokkuttoduvāy Siddhi Vinayagar Kovil 4
4. 30 (pm) Karnāttukerny Siddhi Vinayagar Kovil 2
5. June 1 (am) Kokkilāy Siddhi Vinayagar Kovil 3
5. 01 (pm) Pulmottai Murugan Kovil 5
6. 02 (am) Tiriyāy Siddhi Vinayagar Kovil 4
7. 03 (am) Kuchaveli Siddhi Vinayagar Kovil 7
8. 04 (am) Kumburupitti Siddhi Vinayagar Kovil 4
8. 04 (pm) Gopālapuram Śrī Murugan Kovil 6
9. 05 (am) Neelāveli Mari Amman Kovil 3
9. 05 (pm) Sāmbalteevu Salli Amman Kovil 4
10. 06 (pm) Trincomalee Villundri Kandaswami Kovil 5

Kataragama Flag-hoisting date: July 10
Kataragama Teertham: July 25

What to bring with you:

What not to bring:

Enough money to meet your own expenses

Your family and family problems

Camera & film

No motor vehicles, radios and cassettes

Water bottle, cup and bowl

No animal pets

White or colored vetti, shawl

No soaps and shampoos

Prescription medicines

No alcohol permitted

Sleeping sheet

No polythene bags or plastic bottles

While in jungle and national parks:

  1. Extinguish all cooking fires before departure including other unextinguished fires.
  2. Do not smoke while walking. Do not throw away burning cigarettes or beedis.
  3. Disturb the wild animals at your own risk. This is their home, not yours.
  4. Do not deface trees, rocks or scenic places or discard trash, polythene bags, etc. on your way.
  5. Use water sparingly. Thousands of pilgrims come behind you and they too need clean water.

Kataragama Devotees Trust: Kataragama Pilgrims Thondar Sabha, Captain's Gardens, Colombo-10. Tel. (011) 267-5436. E-mail: info@padayatra.org