Kataragama Pada Yatra in Yala 2015
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Tsunami Relief Fund


The tsunami or tidal wave of 26 December, which caused devastation across much of South Asia, struck most heavily on the east and south coasts of Sri Lanka. At the time of writing, the toll is already put at more than 24,000 but it is certain to climb much higher. Entire villages and orphanages that lie in the path of the Pada Yatra were also tragically in the path of the tsunami.

The Sri Lankan government has declared a state of disaster as at least 24,000 people, including many children and the elderly, were killed across the island as of the time of publication. The worst hit areas of Sri Lanka are the eastern districts of Trincomalee and Batticaloa, where many of the victims were young children and the elderly.


Many Murugan Bhakti Newsletter subscribers know that Murugan Bhakti began already in 1990 as a movement of devotees of Lord Kathirkama Kanthan, especially those who walk in the annual Kataragama Pada Yatra or karai yāthirai as it is widely known.
Scenes at Galle harbor 29.12.2004
Scenes (above & below) at Galle harbor 29.12.2004
Scenes at Galle harbor 29.12.2004
Vehicles with passengers were hurled by the tsunami
Vehicles along with passengers were hurled by the tsunami.
Families of tsunami survivors camping in the open
Families of tsunami survivors camping in the open, Gopalapuram
Living Heritage Disaster Relief
Living Heritage Disaster Relief Director Patrick Harrigan presents Rs. 50,000 (ca. US$500) to Rajendra Swamigal of Sundara Velayudha Swami Kovil, Gopalapuram, Trincomalee District for immediate distribution to families affected by the disaster.

Hence Murugan Bhakti owes its existence to the villagers of Sri Lanka's North and East who have preserved this ancient tradition, either by offering annadanam to the foot pilgrims, or by joining the long trek. Because the Kathirkama karai yaathirai follows the coast from Jaffna to Kathirkamam, it touches the lives of coastal villagers most especially, and it is they who have been its most untiring supporters.

Murugan Bhakti editor Patrick Harrigan reports, "The situation in Sri Lanka is very grim. The disaster event is past and now only we are starting to assess the extent of death and destruction. Trincomalee and Mutur were the hardest hit according to reports--a 5-meter tidal wave hit Mutur, leaving many hundreds dead."

Many will be without anything now that a tidal wave has taken away most or all of what they had­including their loved ones. It is almost a certainty that many, many devotees known to us have lost their loved ones, homes, and all their belongings.

Murugan Bhakti Editor Patrick Harrigan is now organizing relief efforts with a view to bring food and clothing items to the East Coast as quickly as possible in order to assess people's needs and distribute essentials now when they are most urgently needed.

Murugan Bhakti Editor appeals to Muruga devotees everywhere, and to all people whose hearts go out to the `little people' all along the conflict and disaster-afflicted East Coast of Sri Lanka in their hour of need. Immediate donations of dry goods and clothing are needed in Colombo, as well as financial donations to help families to get back on their feet.


If you wish to contribute to relief efforts that will go directly to Trincomalee and Batticaloa districts of Sri Lanka, contact the Editor by e-mail at admin@anathi.org or phone no. +94-11-267-5436 or cellular no. +94773184484.

Relief items (clothing and dry rations, etc.) should be delivered (locally) to:

Living Heritage Disaster Relief
46-C, Fisherman Road
Tiruchendur, Kallady
Batticaloa, Sri Lanka
Tel. no. +94 77 318 4484

Financial donations may be sent as follows:

Account name: The Living Heritage Trust
Account number : 1107344301
Bank name: Commercial Bank of Ceylon
Bank Routing No: 026002561
Swift Code: CCEYLKLX
Address of Bank: Galle Road, Colombo-3, Sri Lanka

Volunteers needed!
Living Heritage Trust Tsunami Disaster Relief now reaching Trincomalee

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Anathi.org: Support for children's homes of the east coast